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The Meaning of Spring

The title of this blog post hints at me to pull out the dictionary. I love learning new things! Spring /spriNG/: 1. To move or jump suddenly upward or forward. No, that’s not it… 2. Originate or rise from. There we go! The origination of the sun or the rise from a dark winter. March…
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Save Our Oceans – Issue 3 – Warming Seas

93% of the excess heat generated by human activities via the greenhouse effect is absorbed by the ocean, thus mitigating the increase in temperature of the atmosphere. This heat absorption causes a slight warming of the ocean which can be detected as deeply as seven hundred meters below sea level. It has now reached the…
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Respect My Region – Save Our Oceans – Blog Article

In celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8,) Goodiez Naturals have made a powerful partnership in the PangeaSeed Foundation. This effort is meant to echo their heavy focus on supporting eco-friendly CBD and hemp brands. This international nonprofit organization acts at the intersection of culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our planet’s oceans. Science, Education,…
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Save Our Oceans – Issue 2 – Plastic Pollution

 Plastic Pollution and Hemp Alternatives Today, the oceans and marine life are facing the threat of permanent alteration from a number of sources of pollution, and plastic is among the most significant. Plastic accounts for 60-80% of marine garbage, and in high-density areas, reaches up to 95%. The reality is that every piece of plastic…
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Save Our Oceans – Issue 1 – Overfishing

We are excited to announce Goodiez Naturals’ first campaign related to the “being the good” value system we have in place. The “Save the Oceans 2020” campaign will be live from June 8 – July 8. Goodiez Naturals will send out a 10% off coupon code and will also give 10% of all our products…
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Goodiez Naturals Is A Fully Transparent CBD Distributor

Goodiez Naturals is an online CBD distribution service available nationwide that is helping its customers navigate the unsure waters of CBD wellness products.