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We’ve combed the country to find the most unique, consistent, potent, and safe CBD infused products for your store. If you’re looking for some smaples or to place an initial order simply fill out the form below and a sales representative will be in touch with your shorty.

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Our Awesome Brands

From quality ingredients to sustainable practices and customer support, we are proud to introduce some of the most trusted brands in the CBD market.

Science of Life Alchemy

SOLA believes that total wellness depends on the delicate balance between mind, body and spirit and that nature holds the secrets to optimum health.


The Goldies journey started in Southern California and is inspired by a simple philosophy; our most ideal state exists in balance and alignment between our body and mind.

Wyld CBD

It isn’t easy. Wyld holds themselves to rigorous outside standards, employing certified labs to measure products for safety and potency.

CBD Express

CBD Express’ mission is to harness the healing power of nature in effective, easy to dose health and wellness products. They make all of their products from hemp grown in the USA.

Ott CBD Coffee

Kine is committed to the best. Their sublingual products are infused with CBD extracted from industrial hemp grown and processed in the United States of America.


Mother Earth is abundant, restoring balance within our bodies and tranquility within our soul. The Vitality brand cultivates her nurturing power.


CBD is combined with a antioxidizing Grapeseed Oil to enhance the effects of CBDan’s Grapeseed Oil Tinctures. Use as a sublingual or topical.

Healthy Roots

Healthy Roots Hemp Products come from our Healthy Roots Hemp Farm right down the road from our family owned hemp production facility.

Gnome Serum

Choose a formula to target stress, anxiety, body aches, sleeplessness or pet formulated and bolster mind, body and the immune system.

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