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Wholesale Representative

Sell to retail stores and chains.

Ever notice CBD or wellness displays while walking through a drug or pet supply store? There are retail shops all over the United States that sell large volumes of these products directly to their customers. Most of these stores are purchasing their CBD or wellness products directly from a Wholesale Representative. That could be you!

Sell our products at wholesale pricing!

Wholesale pricing means big savings. A key requirement for obtaining wholesale pricing is that the store looking to purchase has a retail license to do so in their state. Fortune 500 retail businesses are purchasing and reselling now, it’s a great time to make a difference.

An amazing opportunity for residual income.

When you’re selling wholesale you’re likely selling to retail stores who already have a sales pipeline, marketing team, and a sales force in place. Sales people are attracted to the wholesale space because this added retail energy results in higher volume of sales.

All backed by Goodiez Sales Support.

Goodiez Naturals Business to Business team dedicates an excellent amount of energy and thought into our platform, education, and support systems. You’re not alone! Join our team of experienced and connected entrepreneurial CBD and wellness connoisseurs!

Wholesale Representative Application

“The reward is impossible to calculate because it begins to come in so many different forms.” ~Vince Packard (Goodiez Naturals CEO)